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Front Range CAP is the Denver/Boulder chapter of the International Center for Assault Prevention. Since 1996, we have taught more than 125,000 Colorado children, from pre-school through 12th grade, how to prevent bully assault, stranger abduction and sexual assault.

The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project is a nationally recognized community based primary prevention program.  The mission of FRCAP is to reduce the vulnerability of children and adolescents to neglect, physical, emotional and sexual assault through the provision of prevention education and advocacy.  The CAP Project teaches children and adolescents how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and gives them strategies to deal with those situations.   It is the ultimate goal of the Front Range Center for Assault Prevention’s CAP program to reduce the vulnerability of children to all forms of assault, thereby reducing the potential for future violence.

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Evidence strongly suggests that assault prevention training programs are highly successful in detecting instances of child abuse and neglect that might otherwise go unreported. Working in schools along Colorado’s Front Range, Front Range CAP is a community partnership that involves children, parents and school staff—all working together to help our children remain “Safe, Strong and Free!”

SAFE from acts of violence
STRONG physically, mentally and emotionally
FREE from abuse of any kind



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