Victoria Strong,
Executive Director / Facilitator / Founder
Victoria has worked as a Therapist and Prevention Specialist for the past 23 years. She has a MA in Forensic Psychology and Child Development as well as an MBA in Non-profit Management from Regis University and several other academic achievements. Victoria is a Colorado native, mother of three and Grandma to her first grandson, avid scrapbooker, baker, painter, gardner and loves the outdoors.

Sofia Cisneros Hellerstadt-Workshop Facilitator

Brooke Sommers-Workshop Facilitator 

Sarah Adams -Workshop Facilitator

Board of Directors
» Karen Aase, Retired School Counselor

» Emily Baer, Board Chair,  Parent/Community Activist

» Deb Halley, Board Secretary. Parent/Community Activist

* Christy Mackenzie, Teacher

* Brooke Sommers, Therapist

* Steven Schultz, Marketing/Sales/Finance

* Sarah Zacks, Social Worker/ Parent/Artist

FRCAP is also looking to increase the Board of Directors and interviewing for seats on the Board as well as volunteers for various other duties in the organization.  Please contact Victoria Strong at or 720.210.4801

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